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Despite having absolutely no free time as it is, I decided to take on a personal project to ring in the new decade.

Every two weeks I am creating something new – Just for Fun.

As a contract audio designer I am bound to the genre and styles of the games I am working on. This is an excuse to try other interesting things, and see what happens when I compose in a much shorter timeframe than usual.

The rules are that it has to be different, made in less than 4 hours, and fun!
Now that I’ve got a few done, I thought it might be neat to share them with the game development community.

For more information on me, you can visit my thread in the classifieds or my full portfolio on my website.

Here are the Just for Fun songs I’ve made this year:
Let me know what you think, I’ll be posting more as they come.

[Image: forumbanner.jpg]
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