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I'm currently developing an iPhone game, I need some help to implement the collision detection.
The basic idea is that I have a large han drawn map, tha player should be able to move in all the black regions of it. In OpenGL I obtained that by performing a 1:1 check between the player 32x32 texture and a 32x32 portion of the map texture(the portion where tha player is on obviously).
I used the glGetTexImage and glReadPixels methods to do this, but now in OGL ES there's no glGenTexImage and the ReadPixel is too slow for an handheld device.
Is there a better way to perform per pixel collision checks? I only need a true/false check.
Any ideas?

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If you have the raw image data for the player and for the map in memory, it should be easy enough to check the pixels manually based on the player's position.
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The map might be quite large, I don't want to waste too much memory
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