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I suspect that my touchesBegan messages are getting lost because the touch occurs where the status bar should be, even though I set it to hidden in my info.plist file.

Do I need to do anything else to have the touches in the status bar area sent through to my view?

(I saw this question was asked by someone else in a earlier thread, but it was skipped because of the NDA)
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I did some more testing.

With my finger starting offscreen, my application does not register a slow drag originating from the top of the screen, but if I start from the bottom or the sides it works.

So for example, if I start my finger on the reciever, and drag down onto the screen, nothing happens. But if I start on the home button and drag up onto the screen, it creates the touch event.

I still think this has something to do with the status bar.
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I've noticed this as well but I'm not convinced there's anything you can do about it - it seems to behave that way in all applications.
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that's disappointing.

I wonder if there is any way to get access to lower level touch information, instead of going through the touch events.
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It's a bug. The statusBarFrame.size goes to 0, 0 when you hide it and is 320, 20 before you hide it. This says to me that there is a bug. Even a UIApplication subclass doesn't get the event.

edit: There is a status bar object somewhere that inherits from UIResponder. It's private, though. It does receive events because touching the status bar will scroll up a full screen table view. You might be able to hack around it by overriding scrollToRowAtIndexPath:atScrollPosition: and having a hidden instance of that UITableView subclass on your screen, but I'm not going to prmise that works.
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