Scripting Language Woes (Lua)

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So I'm working on a small test program and one of the things I'm testing is scripting and language embedding. So I do some reading around, download and build Lua, follow a few simple tutorials, etc. Went to register an Obj-C method with Lua...uh oh. There doesn't appear to be any built-in support for Obj-C in Lua. It's easy enough to talk to Lua from Obj-C (though not pass Obj-C objects apparently), but it doesn't seem to be possible to talk back.

Some searching around found this, but the server is apparently running on an SE/30 and the CVS refuses to let me connect. No idea if that's what I need or not.

I might be able to get away with coding all the Lua connectivity in vanilla C, but obviously full Obj-C support would be nice. And I'd hate to get six months into a project and find out I needed to switch scripting languages. Are Python or Ruby better connected or easier to use? I've heard nice things about both but I've also heard they're harder to embed for use as a scripting language.
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With the new scripting bridge in Mac OS X I would say that both Ruby and Python are very easy to use with Objective-C. As far as I know, the only way to get Lua to integrate with Objective-C would be to provide C hooks for your Objective-C classes. But I don't really know Lua, so I could certainly be wrong.
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I did a bit of googling and found something called LuaCore by Gus Mueller. It sounds like it does exactly what you want.
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