maya? blender? 3dsmax?

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AnotherJake Wrote:Off-topic: But I like Gnome! They have wobbly windows! Actually, I don't know what older Gnome stuff looks like so you may be correct in that respect, but I've had a generally good experience with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (uses Gnome by default). They don't get everything right, but it's pretty good for what it is IMHO.

Back to topic: I agree with the complaints about Blender though. In fairness, the GUI has improved greatly since last time I tried it, but it still needs a lot of help before I'll find it acceptable for general production.

In all fairness, I find Gnome to be tolerable. It's by no stretch of the imagination a "good" GUI though. I think their core design philosophy is predicated on many false assumptions about what is most obvious/intuitive.

Blender, the last version I tried was 2.68, 2.85 something. There was an 8, a six, and maybe a 5 in the version number.

But my main issue with Blender is that it has all these shortcuts and behaviors (like Ctrl+click to bring up a menu, to bring up a different menu, etc.) which are super-powerful once you learn them. But learning them is an absolute nightmare. For an actual artistic person (not me) this could be workable, but I expect to only use Blender once in a blue moon, and then when there's an epic breakdown in the hierarchy of who does what. So for me, whenever I come back, it's like I'm learning it from the ground up all over again. Not fun.

Some of this is probably just the necessary complexity of a 3D modeler, but I can't believe that Blender managed to pull it off in the most simple way, either.

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Well, the most recent version is 2.5 alpha 2, so I don't know if you are cmiller of the future (if you are, let me know which stocks are up). Blender 2.49's UI was awful, and how it caused Stockholm Syndrome in the people that still use it is beyond me, but 2.5's is much, much better. (Like, > Chuck Norris) Personally, I use Wings3d 0.99, the newer versions just seem weirdly different. Wings3d is absolutely great for low-poly modeling, most of my models come at about 200-900 triangles and Wings3d makes it easy to remove junk polygons. I tend to use Blender 2.5 (NOT 2.49) for terrain and painting though.
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Oddity007 Wrote:(Like, > Chuck Norris)

Heh, well, I guess I'll have to try it out again then Ninja
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What? NO one recommend HASH's Animator:3D? ( LOL!

Its easier to model with stones than with that app.

Ingemar Wrote:So that's what happened with Infini-D! I thought it had just passed away, despite being a very popular 3D tool way back.

It goes back to Ray Dream Studio, made in France, which was very popular in its day on the Mac. They got sucked up by Fractal Design Corporation (Painter) and in turned got sucked up by MetaTools (always wonder where the state of UI in apps/OS would be had they not imploded!) Ray Dream's competition in those days was Specular International's Infini-D in the mid-range and EAIS Electric Image (aka Terminator 2) in the higher range. MetaTools sucked up both appsand merged it into one, and thus Carrara was born. It eventual went back to French developers under Eovia, a great uDevGames sponsor and also known for Amapi, a nice modeler but you had to THINK in French in order to use it. LOL
Anywho, it is owned by DAZ 3D. If you look at the various modelers in it, it offers a great deal of options for game developers.

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I am a big supporter of Cinema 4D. It has one of the easiest learning curves, especially for someone new to 3D applications. I've found that it between Maya, 3DS Max and C4D, C4D gave me the best results, fastest and with great ease. Have fun with whatever you choose! It really comes down to how you prefer to work, and which tool best enables you as a designer.
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I was a huge fan of Cinema 4D back in the day - I've got boxes here from version 4 through XL7 (plus BodyPaint). Maxon even called me once to see if I'd be interested in running demos at conferences here in Toronto. I was a very active user...

But around version 8 they started splitting off functionality into plugins, jacking up prices, and generally making it difficult to upgrade. I ended up skipping a version, and when I decided to upgrade a while later I found the best deal I could get was a competitive crossgrade price, and that I'd have to buy extra modules to get certain functionality up to the level of the version I already had (WTF). I still think it's great software, and it's definitely one of the easiest 3D packages to learn, but that experience turned me off completely.

The only well known 3D company that doesn't seem hostile to single-seat users is NewTek - though I could never get into LightWave personally. For now, Blender suits me just fine (especially the latest refresh) but I don't do nearly as much 3D work as I used too. I'll also admit I still have C4DXL7 installed "just in case" - it actually runs better in Rosetta on a my 2 year old iMac that it did on my last PPC Mac.
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