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Hey all,

I'm looking for an appropriate crash course route to developing OpenGL for the iphone.

I just finished reading Johnnythunder's post here http://www.idevgames.com/forum/showthread.php?t=15382. Like Johnny, I have a good amount of experience in PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, actionscript, Python, etc. But, when it comes to compiled languages, I have little experience. I am familiar with C, due to a C class that I took in college. But, haven't revisited much since then. Otherwise, I'm an Technical Artist at a game company. I have scripting knowledge used towards developing tools for 3d artists. So, I'm familiar with scripting in 3d space, but not programming full on 3d applications.

I was hoping to get some suggestions of good resources on the net and in book form, for the short path to iphone development, particularly game development in OpenGL.

Any advice or resource posts would be most appreciated! Thank you sincerely.
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Shortest path for me was http://nehe.gamedev.net. Keep in mind, these are OpenGL tutorials, not everything will carry over to iPhone (which uses OpenGL ES). In particular, the drawing method used in the early tutorials ("Immediate Mode") won't fly. Look up, learn, and use vertex arrays instead.

Justin Ficarrotta
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