OS 2.1 issues

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I'm not sure how much of this topic would be considered NDA but I'll be as vague as possible. I have one of the new iPodTouch 2.1 and upgraded to the new 2.1 OS/SDK. However, apps no longer work on the device. I get a UUID mismatch error, then after a frame or so the program exists with status value:101. There's been a few blurbs on the Apple support site but nothing has been resolved. If anyone knows anything please let me know I'd hate to think of my new equipment as going to waste.
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I have similar issue. I am also using latest itouch and SDK.

First, I got "unable to find a suitable disk image" error when I open xcode.

Second, I cannot seleve "ifileamy" to setup my certification.

Third, when I "build and go", I got what you got there. Sad
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