Drawing Text with OpenGL ES

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Hi Wonza,

Could you explain a bit more how you sorted out your problem, it sounds like the same thing I'm getting. I've used the example from CrashLanding but am getting a white rectangle. I'm not sure exactly where you suggested changing the scalling, etc.

Many thanks in advance,
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Hi Lee,

Im at work right so I dont have access to all my code; but from memory, I did something like glScale(0.001f,0.001f, 0.001f); to get my text down to the right size, then I had to do a glTranslate to get it on my screen.

Hope this helps
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Can you please post some code ? Even scaling and translating I still can't see the text.
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am still struggling with this same problem. Scaling doesn't help anyway.
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here is the fix which says how to display text on opengl. Its pretty simple. AnotherJake has explained it the way we need.

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