Magic 8 Ball iPhone Game - How Long to Develop that

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The Magic 8 Ball game on itunes for the iphone. How long do you think it took someone to make. If anyone has the capability to develop something that similar we would like to talk.


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The question is not so much "how long it took" but rather "why".

To answer your question: not a lot of time. Pretty easy to make an app like that.

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An.... hour......
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FreakSoftware Wrote:An.... hour......

It took me more then an hour to get my certs working for publication (painful). I could code something that gave you a random answer in about the same amount of time. Really depends on what features you want it to do.

I can make a button respond to touch input and give you a random answer in about 10 minutes. However I have never worked with shaking the iPhone or anything like that, you can see how things become complex.

There are several free 8 ball apps on the store right now that all seem to behave slightly differently. The short answer is not long, the long answer is depends on how you want it to act.

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