Minimum Spec 2nd Hand Machine for IPhone dev

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I am wanting to get a Mac to develop for the iPhone. Having just moved house and for other reasons a new Mac is out of the question.
Can someone suggest the minimum spec'd machine I would need to develop games on the iPhone without too much pain? I am hoping to pick something used up fairly cheap.
Would a G3 imac be enough?
Another option is that I already have a PC setup so could I just buy an older spec mac mini and just use existing monitor, keyboard etc

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It has to be an Intel Mac (no powerPC like G3/4/5), so I guess the minimum machine would be an old Core Solo Mac Mini. Looks like they're going used on eBay for upwards of $400. It's only $200 more for a new one from Apple, so that's what I'd do. They might even have refurbs for a hundred less at Apple. New machines come with Leopard as well, which is needed for iPhone dev.

And then if you want to put your iPhone apps/games on an iPhone you'll need an iPhone or iPod Touch, plus you'll need to purchase an iPhone developer account from Apple for a year for $100. You can get by with the simulator that comes with the dev kit for a while though, which doesn't cost anything.
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thanks for the quick reply.

I actually have an iphone through work which is what has got me interested.
Makes it frustrating having such a cool device to work on but no machine to do it with!
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