read wifi/hotspots-names - how?

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i am searching for reading out the actual possible hotspots/wifis for using the data (not for a hacking thing). so i want to have the actual hotspots in the environment to work with them.

i look through all network stuff of the official iphone (sdk) and didn't find anything. is the whole network out of the possiblities of the sdk?

is there something, what you saw? example or something? or even the smallest hint? i think i couldn't even read the actual wifi.

thanks for every response
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The iPhone is under NDA still so we are unable to discuss anything related to the coding or development of the iPhone until it has been lifted. Please refrain from discussing the NDA on these forums.
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we programmed years for apple and made them big (without the freeware and shareware apple would be nothing), we were still there in their worst years with the powerpc product like 6100.

and now we shall be quiet? i understand this as a thinking if you are a forum holder, but beside this: are we so stupid?
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We *all* share your frustration here. I know I've been developing since like System 6.9 or thereabouts. Unfortunately, there just isn't anything we can do about it -- an agreement is an agreement. Some of us have speculated that there may be legitimate reasons holding up the NDA release on Apple's end, and we can only assume that is the case for now. We'll pull out the pitchforks later if that turns out not to be reality. Wink
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