Red Marble Games seeks contract help

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Hi -- Red Marble Games is a Mac-only games publisher, in the business of bringing quality Windows games over to the superior platform. We've (OK, I've) been in business since 2002, and business is booming -- so much so that I need some help. I'm looking for an experienced Mac programmer who could help me dig out from under the pile of projects I currently have going. You don't have to sign up for an ongoing commitment; one game at a time is fine. (And, maybe needless to say, this is a paid deal).

These are all 2D games, mostly casual and single-player, so no intimacy with 3D frustum calculations or higher math or networking is required, just sufficient familiarity with DirectX and OpenGL or Quartz to get those bits onto the screen (and out of the speakers). But no beginners, please -- most of these are pretty high-profile games and under deadline.

To avoid list clutter, feel free to email me if you're interested at mark ... at ... redmarblegames ... dot ... com.

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