Unholy method to link Linux library?

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Hello everybody,

I'm trying to develop a little for some random mobile device Wink which has it's own texture compression format, the PVRTC format. Sadly, the only encoder I've found is for Linux and for Windows, but it is available as a static library (on the Windows side DLL). Now, I wonder: Is there any open-source project or other unholy invention that allows me to link that into a tool of my own through some unholy process? Would Darwine and the Windows DLL be an option?

If not, is there any other alternative known to create that compressed texture format short of inventing an encoder myself (which I'm not capable of, to be honest)?
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You may find a tool shipped by the vendor of the SDK for said random mobile device which does the encoding, if you look....
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Oh, I didn't notice that. Thank you!
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Hypothetically speaking, if a vendor did include a utility for converting textures to pvrtc with their sdk, what might it be called? Where might it be located...

Thanks for any hints....
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