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I have a couple of questions about releasing my game on mac platform,
i had check what shared libs are required to run the game:
OpenAL.framework <- this is distributed with the game

i know that OpenAL is not default-installed on pre Tiger versions of os x so i added OpenAL to my bundle, oTool -L shows @executable_path/OpenAL, my problem is that im not sure if all the other frameworks are present on all osx systems. In addition to that id like to not use TCL.framework (i use it only to perform a sleep in the update loop and so far i had troubles finding some other function that is able to perform sleep ), another problem that im having is installer creation for expansion pack for the game. The game it self will be distributed as dmg, the expansion pack needs to install files on the hard drive so im looking for some sort of installer like nsis for windows for example. Additionally im using upx to make the executable smaller and im wondering if anyone had troubles with it (it works fine but i just want to be 100% that there are no issues wit it). If anyone has some tips on releasing games for mac i would be very happy to hear them. This will be my first release on mac so im getting quite nervous. I'm also looking for ppl who would like to do a bit testing (If you do you can contact me
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I'm not certain about Tcl.framework, but the rest of those (other than OpenAL, as you mentioned) should be available all the way back to 10.3.9 and possibly earlier. As for a sleep function, try usleep (see the man page for details).
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