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I decided to use SDL_ttf in one of my programs. Sadly, I'v encountered some problems.
When compiling, I get "Undefined symbols" errors for "_TTF_Init", "_TTF_Quit", "_TTF_OpenFont" and so on.
Note that I'm using Xcode 3.0 and that I have added header and library paths to "Project" menu->"Edit Active Target" item->"Build" tab ->"Search Paths" group in list->"Header Search Paths" & "Library Search Paths"

I found the following thread which mentions that "linker settings" should be set to "-lfreetype" but as I have been unable to find any references to "linker settings" in Xcode, I don't know what more to do.

Could anyone please help me?
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What they presumably mean by "Linker settings" is the OTHER_LDFLAGS variable, which is labeled "Other Linker Flags" under your target settings in Xcode 3.0.
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I assume you've added libSDL_ttf.a ( or whatever it's called ) to your project? You may also need to drag over libfreetype.a ( or again whatever that lib is called ).
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I was actually using the SDL_ttf framework and it would seem that it was the framework that was the culprit. After installing SDL_ttf through MacPorts, it worked fine. Thanks for your help.
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