How to play Flash SWF?

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We have a SDL/OpenGL based framework running in Mac (also Linux and Windows). One feature our Windows port has that the Mac port hasn't yet is Flash SWF playback.

I'm trying to figure out how to do it. I've been reading whatever I can find online, and apparently Quicktime can play SWFs, and apparently I can have Quicktime render to an offscreen buffer while playing the audio normally,... but I can't seem to find a definitive reference for this, or a code sample. I'm also looking at gameswf but I've found a couple roadblocks so far.

Any suggestions, tips, or sample code? Smile
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How are you doing it on Windows?

The obvious way to do it is to embed a WebView and use the standard web plug-in. If you need it on a texture, that should be possible too (see eg. ).

You might even be able to host the plug-in directly yourself.
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Quicktime has a *very* old flash plugin implementation. Something like Flash 5, IIRC. Accordingly, unless you want to manually implement an NS plugin API host, you probably want OneSadCookie's view texture approach.
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You might want to look into embedding something like libavcodec, a cross-platform video swiss army knife that plays *everything*.

Additionally, just for the Quicktime stuff, look [here](

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