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I was watching a tutorial on Blender ( ) and I have to say, I love whatever shader they're using.

So, if it's not obvious, I'm thinking about implementing something like it.

Viewing the video, it looks to me like some sort of cubemap environmental lighting approach. E.g., a cubemap heavily gaussian-blurred. The cubemap lookup isn't reflected, I'm guessing.

Does anybody here have a better guess?
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You can use spherical harmonics to approximate an irradiance map for a cube map. You can find a fairly straightforward paper on it here. ( The most accurate way to use this is to use it in place of ambient (since it's approximating the global illumination from the environment) and works very well if you modulate it with ambient occlusion.
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That looks awesome. Using it for ambient lighting makes sense, too, since I can still use normal lighting on top and my shadows will still work.

I've been bothered lately by how flat my ambient term is so this looks useful. Thanks!
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