Help, Waterfall tile set 50px needed

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Hi everyone,

I was hoping someone might be able to help...

I am making a river based game and I am having a real problem with the waterfall animation. They are tiles 50px by 50px

At the moment I am doing it in photoshop but it just looks amateur.

1. Can anyone help?
2. Is there any software that might help?

Has anyone had similar issues?

Here it is in action:

Any help is greatly appreciated
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Well, there a couple of things that I saw that I would change:

• Make the semi-transparent edges of the end tiles fully transparent.
• Switch to 250 pixel by 50 pixel tiles (one for each row of water), these will let you have more variation.

• Start each row of tiles falling at slightly different times.
• See if you can perform any transformations, e.g. randomly flip tiles L-R or tint them slightly darker, etc, etc.

• Try switching to GIMP, there is a script called 'small tile' which tiles the image to your specs.

• Make the waterfall more than one layer, with different tiles for each layer. Make each layer semi-transparent and start at different times.

Good Luck

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cheers mikey for the reply.

Sadly I can't make the waterfall 250 because over the 10 levels I have varied the size of the waterfalls by factors of 50 (e.g. one is 200 whereas another might be 350)

I will try the layering which could work and make mutiple all moving at different speeds...

I should have known there is no 'easy' way...
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You need another design for the splashes where the waterfall hits the river at the bottom too.
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