Does Leopard break backwards compatibility with Tiger?

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I've basically been doing flash stuff for the past half a year but I have a mac question again (I haven't been at this site in a while and I only really know a couple mac specific forums to ask so...):

I don't have Leopard yet and I am wondering if my universal binaries (.app) will work ok in Leopard basically or is it known that Leopard breaks backwards compatibility from Tiger apps? I've been searching a bit on this forum and I've noticed that a few of you say that Photoshop no longer works on Leopard, has it broken many other apps too? I'm just curious because after I make a flash game I want to make a cross -platform app still and will eventually have to know if I can say it works on 10.5 too and not just 10.4 ^_^

I don't have the money right now to buy Leopard and I have my MacBook all setup like I like it with Bootcamp and Vista and VMware with a ton of others (linux/fbsd) So even if I did have the money for Leopard I'd rather buy a mac mini with it or something I don't want to ruin my MacBook. So will my universal binaries that work on Tiger also work in Leopard do you think or?? (Yeah, I know I'll eventually have to get a hold of Leopard and test it myself I'm just wondering if you all have found that all (or even most of) your Tiger apps now don't work or not, thanks!) Rasp

ps. I don't see the Inkubator screenshots isn't that done yet?
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Apple didn't break backward compatibility, they worked very hard to ensure backward compatibility. Unfortunately, Adobe can always build a better idiot Wink

Seriously, if you haven't got bugs in your app, and build it to run on 10.4, it should run just fine on 10.5.
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Creative Suite CS2 works great under rosetta on my Macbook Pro running leopard. It may be the case that some random plugin crashes PS, but I haven't experienced anything like that.

In fact, everything I have that ran under Tiger runs under Leopard. ( Except for Super Duper... which still bacs up great, but doesn't properly do volume cloning with leopard yet )
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Classic is gone in Leopard I think. At least it appears to be gone. Some game for my kids was suddenly no longer working. So I guess I'll have to keep Tiger on a separate partition for them and their game.
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Classic is gone on Leopard and/or Intel.
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