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I've had this question nagging me for a while: why is GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES and GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES so low? VERTICES is at 2048 and INDICES is 150000. These are recommended sizes for vbos, and it seems they are the same across all gfx cards for Macs. That leads me to think that this is some kind of bug in the OpenGL driver or something, because if I check the values in Windows XP on the same computer I get much higher and believable values.
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That's an interesting question. I think most of us here have made vbos with more vertices at the very least. I know I have.
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man glDrawRangeElements Wrote:Implementations denote recommended maximum amounts of vertex and index data, which may be queried by calling glGet with argument GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES and GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES. If end - start + 1 is greater than the value of GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES, or if count is greater than the value of GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES, then the call may operate at reduced performance.

IOW, it's a performance hint, not a correctness requirement. You're probably right that Apple should specify saner limits, though. File a bug.
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