Starting a 2D game programming. How?

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Guys, I need help.

I have read C++ programming language books. They tell me about memory stream, memory buffering, stdin, stdout, cin, cout, OOP, etc. but it doesn't hell tell me about anythin' related to gaming!

I want to create a 2D side-scroller game. How do I first start it in C++? What should I do to import those graphical & animated resources into it?? Like, creating basic interface which contains a character and background and an enemy?
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Sorry I guess im a bit too rushy. im noob so please forgive my harsh lang, peace~...
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Just search around the forums about OpenGL and SDL. You'll find a lot of similar threads looking for the advice you're seeking.
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Thanks much for the help.

I figured out that I'm familiar with basic use of C lang, that I can program simple command line games with arrays. Now after reading it, I think I'll use Cocoa first. I'm gonna move this topic to Gaming Fundamentals, as I think it's more appropriate place.

PS: Any further replies will be appreciated.
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if you want to support mac only then I suggest using Cocoa, but with a good 2D graphics engine or OpenGL expertise you should go cross platform

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