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A question that seems to come up every now and then, I know, but with Leopard here and Panther support getting axed everywhere I thought about new techniques for toggling into fullscreen.

Right now, I keep two contexts around, one for windowed and one for fullscreen rendering. I have a lingering-tingling memory that I went that route because I wanted Panther support; and that there was a way to toggle a single context in and out reliably on Tiger and up. Is this a figment of exam-induced imagination or is it possible? I've tried to peruse the Apple dev site but haven't come up with anything...
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As far as I know the state of the art is to have a single context. When switching to/from fullscreen, create a new context that shares it's resources with the old one, then delete the old one. But, as always, it's better to wait until OSC replies before taking any action.
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If you're Leopard-only, there's a fantastic NSView method -enterFullScreenMode:options: you can use.

On (recent, anyway) Tigers it's fine to use a kCGLPFAFullScreen context with a windowed drawable, but you're still (as you are with the 10.3 solution) forced to pick a GPU and stay there, which isn't really desirable.

If you have working code for 10.3 and can't yet require Leopard, I see no reason to change what you're doing.
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Cochrane: that's more elegant than what I'm doing right now, so thanks.
Keith: looking forward to 2009, then, when Tiger will be as dead as Panther.

Tho, using PFAFullscreen with a window would also be nicer than what I'm doing right now. The reason for reworking is that the code I'm having is astoundingly ugly and hard-worked, so I'm rewriting it ground-up and wanted to know what new and nice ways can be exploited. Thanks.
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