Adding NSOpenGLView class in Xcode/Interface Builder 3.0

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I for the life of me can not find out how to add NSOpenGLView to my Project in Xcode/Interface Builder 3.0. I have tried the

From " Introduction to Interface Builder User Guide "
To create a new Objective-C class in Interface Builder, do the following:
1. Select the object for which you want to create the class.
2. Open the inspector window and select the identity pane.
3. In the Class field, type the name of the class.
4. Press Return (or select another field) to apply the class name.

An no matter what I do I can only Get @interface NSOpenGLView : NSView
instead of @interface MyClass : NSOpenGLView

Have things Change for this to or am I doing something wrong???
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You can't create classes in IB3. Just create the class you want in Xcode, and it'll automatically show up in IB.
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Really? I hadn't done anything with IB yet, but that's much better then the old way!
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