Mac os x Port of Cortex Command, it is time

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Data, the maker of the great game Cortex command (more info can be found at has finally taken action on making a mac port of the game. I have e-mailed him about a port of the game and this was his response:

Hi, sorry for the late response…

CC is built on completely portable code and libraries, and a Macosx port is definitely planned. However, we’re not quite ready to branch the code until the game becomes a little more developed still. Once we do though, it should be relatively straightforward process for an experienced person to do the actual port. If you have any suggestions for people you know who can show (previous completed projects, references) they have the chops to do the job and be reliable etc, please let me know.

- D

So, i am looking for some one that has the skills to port this awesome game. The game is very close to being finished and it may go commercial in about a week or so, but the price will raise as soon as the game goes into later development stages. Data has been working on this game for 7 years, so it would be great if it were for mac. This game would also be an absolute hit on sites like and It sounds like porting it would be cake for most of you guys here Wink

If you think you can do this, post, then pm me about the details. It would be best if you are experienced and have work to show for it.
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I'm only moderately experienced and I've got a crap G4 to compile on, but failing anyone else being interested I'd be happy to help out--especially if it's all done with libraries I'm familiar with (do you know offhand what it's built on? SDL, OpenGL, OpenAL are what I know).

I've ported two games to os x to date: Detritus and Falling Up.
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This game is pretty neat, I've played around with it a handful of times- it's definitely cool.
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Mac port of Cortex Command is in the works.

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Initial Mac Port of Cortex Command is available for download.
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