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I'm doing a project for an AI class which simply involves doing pathfinding in a 2D/2.5D overhead world. The coding will be easy, but the hard part is finding the assets in the first place. Does anyone know where I can find some images of an rts map's terrain? The only Command and Conquer or probably Starcraft etc maps should do just fine. You'd think there'd be a dozen sites with full images of maps on them, but I can't find any. I can find sites with full images of NES game backgrounds though....
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It might be worth checking out this


Open source games tend to have open source assets

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You can also check out the assets for Golgotha, the RTS/FPS game to be released by Crack Dot Com before they went under. They've been released under the public domain:


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I think he's asking for images of entire levels. Not just the tilemaps.

If that's the case, I know I've seen them for Starcraft. One of my college roommates was a big Starcraft fan and I remember him going to sites with full sized map image previews.

edit: Not quite full size, but useful perhaps: http://www.battle.net/scc/lp/sc.shtml

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