OpenGL manpages gone from leopard

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So, I know manpages are kind of old school, but when I need to see the parameters for, for example, glInterleavedArrays and I don't have an internet connection, manpages are where it's at.

But the upgrade to leopard removed the opengl manpages!

So, the good news is that I can read them from Xcode through the documentation viewer. So at least they're still available. But, nice apps like ManOpen which make manpage viewing very straightforward no longer are of any use for OpenGL documentation.

So, I'm wondering, does anybody know of good OpenGL 2.x manpages that I can install? And, how does one install manpages in OS X?

After some googling, the best I can find is this HTML documentation:

Of course, I'd love to be able to download it... I don't have persistent internet access, particularly since I do most of my hacking at coffee shops.
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wtf :/

I guess apple don't use opengl anyone

oh, you just put files somewhere in $MANPATH, you can supply more places for man to look with it.
There were some mistake in the old opengl manpages though..

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There was a thread on mac-opengl about this. Doesn't look like you're alone:

And OneSadCookie seems to have already found the solution. Smile

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As usual, OSC to the rescue.

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Of course, the online pages at cover OpenGL 2.1, whereas the man pages Apple include only cover OpenGL 1.2.
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For crying out loud.
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follow this guide:

It's for ubuntu, but it should work fine on leopard with small adjustments. I do hope you know your way around the terminal Rasp

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