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Anyone take a look at the new HID Manager API in Leopard? The old conceptual documentation no longer applies, but there is new documentation for some new core foundation classes (IOHIDManager, IOHIDDevice, etc.). I just noticed this earlier, and if you look in the IOKit framework you will also find that the IOHIDLib.h file now just links to IOHIDLibObsolete.h. A quick look at the docs makes me think that using the HID Utilities sample project from Apple may be a thing of the past.
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That sure looks interesting. I don't have time at the moment to look into it, but I certainly will. Too bad Apple didn't point that out anywhere, if it wasn't for your post, I'd probably complain about the difficult way of getting access to hardware till 10.6.
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George Warner offered pre-release sample code on the mac-games-dev list recently. If you look up his post you can probably still take up his offer...

The new APIs look substantially better than the old ones, but still don't appear to offer a good solution for element naming / pad layout drawing, or a better solution for calibration than already existed.
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Thanks for the pointer OSC, doing a little searching revealed that George Warner released some sample code here.

Edit: George's code includes several different code samples and a pdf version of Apple technical note TN2187 which explains the new HID Manager APIs and their use.
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