Advice on 3D Room engine?

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I have done a few 2D games, Cocos etc, but for a new app, I want a 3D world enviromnment, that the user can walk around. It is not a big world. It is just 1 room, or maybe 2 max. The user should just be able to walk around and touch things. No shooting, aliens, etc. Can someone recommend a simple 3D room engine for such an app? I just need a light weight 3D room engine. Also if anyone could give me a pointer as to what software you use to create the room? I need wallpaper, floorboards, furniture, windows etc.
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You can try SIO2, you can model all the 3d stuff in blender, and then export to the sio2 engine and load your scene on the iphone
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Unity is pretty nice too but pricey.
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Too pricey? It's FREE!

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For the iphone version it's not cheap, for the non-gimped iPhone version it's a rather lot of money.

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