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As stated in that article (emphasis added):
Quote:In Unix-like operating systems, /dev/random is a special file that serves as a true random number generator or as a pseudorandom number generator. It allows access to environmental noise collected from device drivers and other sources. Not all operating systems implement the same semantics for /dev/random.

In particular, Mac OS X uses a pseudorandom number generator for /dev/random, the Yarrow algorithm.
(also linked from the article)
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Yeah, I was also under the impression that it was pseudo-random, but reading the man page a little more revealed that entropy is added to the pool by the security server. It also mentioned kernel jitter as a source. WTF is kernel jitter?
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AnotherJake Wrote:Totally OT:

It depends on who's rolling the dice and how desperate the situation is. I've seen guys roll six sixes all at once in Axis and Allies, pretty much at will, when they needed to roll damage or technology.

Dude you're lucky you never played with a guy I know that trains one hour a day in throwing 6es (for Risk), and has an estimated probability of getting a 6 in every throw of about 0.4

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