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Well, foremost, I am interested to find a 3D game making program, one that's simple to use, yet still has all the dynamic codes needed to virtually create any complex concept in a game. Also, I am looking for a 3D model program, one that can place textures cleanly onto the model, and the light effects, or rather the look I can accomplish much like Eternal Sonata for X-Box 360 (don't have the console or the game, but I want to create the visuals like that).

I'm not looking for freeware necessarily, I will be buying the game program if it's what I'm looking for, but from searching between the Torque Game Engine and 3D Game Maker, I don't want to pay the extreme values Torque asks for, and I'm not sure if 3D Game Maker can be reliable to such standards. If 3D Game Maker is what I'm looking for, that depends if it has the dynamics to it's video quality vs massive amount of data placed into making 2 continents and 10 to 16 dungeons spread out in a large setting; the running quality of Zelda Wind Waker.. (hence not necessarily graphic-wise, but the graphics on Wind Waker do add to the memory)

Perhaps sticking it onto a CD and uploading it to your computer can be a pain in the neck when talking highest quality graphics, but I don't need to go as far as making games sticking Laura Croft to look as real as the photos of Britany Spears in all her glory. Purely simple, all I need is a model program to make stylish characters with glossy textures which I can hand-make, and the basic game program with enough codes to stuff a turkey (computer) with.

Oh, and don't suggest C++, I have C++ on my computer, I would rather have a software just for 3D game programming. Grin
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Look no further than Unity:

As far as a 3D program to go along with it, there are a lot of options, from Blender (free) to Maya (very not free).
The bottom of this page has what is supported:


p.s. If you don't have a Mac, look at the text at the top left of this page.
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This is a Mac forum.



But because I'm feeling nice, I'll tell you to go check out Unity.

Edit: Looks like Aarku beat me to it.

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tyvm <3 Grin
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