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I have series o problems with images in real basic while i use a sprite surface...
The major problems i have is: I cant make them flip horizontally( i make to images, one facing right and the other left ) and I cant make them rotate!

Is there a code or a plug-in that can help me??
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RB's sprite surface does not let you do any of this. You can use a plugin or an rgbsurface to create a flipped version of your picture. Also to create rotated versions. None of these will be fast enough to do while the game is running. You'd have to generate the flipped/rotated images beforehand.

Honestly, the SpriteSurface sucks.


Use RB3D to display your sprites (map them onto quads) then you can rotate/flip them for free.

But the SuperSpriteSurface plugin from tinrocket which uses OpenGL to do all this stuff in realtime.

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