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I am creating a 3d OpenGL Cocoa game.

What kind of minimum graphics card would be required to render ~40k triangles (all in the same scene and in view) in an OpenGL animated game (looking for 15-30 fps or better) ?

How would the Radeon 9000, 9200 (128mb) hold up to this kind requirement?

Thanks in advance for any info.
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a) triangle count is irrelevant unless you're doing vertex processing on the CPU, which most graphics cards don't. Only fill rate matters.
b) 40k is nothing, even if you're doing vertex processing on the CPU.
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I've done ~30k tris at around 10-15 FPS on my Macbook. This is with no type of optimizations. No culling, partitioning, FBO's, ect.. It was ll straight vertex arrays. This is all with the Intel GMA 905 graphics card which is terrible with high poly counts.
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Thanks for the replies.

Sounds good. I have around 11 characters that avg. about 3500 triangles a piece with an additional 2k for the scenery.

I'll post previews of my game in a couple months or so. Grin
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