Vector graphics rendering: Best approach?

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I'm currently doing some research for writing a simple 2D bomberman game. Although the game is 2D, I want to use 3D acceleration by using billboards and a fixed camera so it 'looks' 2D. The 3D acceleration might be overkill for a simple bomberman game, but it's a good learning point for future (more advanced) 2D or 3D games.

The bomberman field will be always be the same size (in tiles), no mather what the resolution is. So I want all the images, e.g. sprites, to scale so it fills the screen. On a higher resolution you get bigger images. This is where vector graphics come in handy.

I was thinking about prerendering the vector graphics to a raster image for the current resolution. When the user changes the resolution, the engine should prerender again with a different size. This way I can load the sprites into the texture memory of the graphics card and this would speed up the billboard rendering (I think?).

I might be overseeing something important here, so therefor my question what the best approach to Vector graphics rendering is?

Thanks in advance.
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That's a reasonable approach.

These days you can use the fragment shader to render some vector graphics in real time, which might be fun, but certainly isn't necessary.
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Thank you for the fragment shader suggestion. I quickly searched and found a nice article with a small code example.

I'll look into it when I get home.
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It sounds to me like you haven't done OpenGL before, so I would avoid programming the shaders. It's a bit more of an advanced topic.
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I messed arround a bit with OpenGL before, but never came close to using shaders. I'm even new to Cocoa/Objective C (coming from Delphi/Win32). But you're right, shaders seem a bit too advanced for now.

I decided to go with my initial idea and prerender the vector graphics. It seems like I can use PDF (or EPS) as vector format and let Cocoa do all the prerendering, which really saves time (opposed to writing my own vector renderer). Though I might be misreading the text.

I have the book 'Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X' coming in this evening, so I'll start learning Cocoa/Objective C first.

Thank you all for the suggestions/comments.
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Letting Cocoa render PDFs to NSImage, and then upload them to GL is probably a great way to do this. Let Quartz to the hard work for you, plus you can use established graphics programs like illustrator to make your graphics.
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