Future Windows User Interfaces for Applications

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We are surrounded by graphics and user interfaces, starting from electronic devices and continuing with software.
Operating systems have support for interesting user interfaces features, but none of them seem to be used.

We often face applications having static user interfaces. The interesting thing is that companies have everything needed to build up dynamic user interactive applications. There may be several reasons why they are not doing this, though this is not my concern.

As a counter-attack to this, I have done a little demonstration application. It has a dynamic user interface and demonstrates in a simple fashion that user interfaces can be more attractive than the good old rectangular windows that we see each day.

You can view a demonstration at the following link

Rotating Circles Form

I hope that my work will light ideas in people's minds.
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Is it possible using AJAX??

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I think this is spam, but I don't see how :|

Either way, quite the most horrible user interface I've ever seen, with the possible exception of Rational Rose.
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I... don't understand...
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I could see this in a future edition of Windows...
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Yeah, Windows Vertigo.
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I, for one, applaud the "Wax on, wax off" interface.

...Now paint the fence!

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This is quite funny. Technospam?
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Wow, amazing. "To induce vomiting, use spinning windows"
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Not as good as some of the early spinning Aero windows demonstrations though. That was pretty awesome. Don't you want your task bar to go spinning around on your screen?

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