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Hy all,

I started learning OpenGL a few days ago, so I'm quite a newbie.
Anyway, I've this little gluLookAt issue: when i press up or down, the screen gets blank (not when I press left or right!).

Starting values (Camera class properties):
private static float m_EyeX = 0.0f;
private static float m_EyeY = 0.0f;
private static float m_EyeZ = 1.0f;
private static float m_CenterX = 0.0f;
private static float m_CenterY = 0.0f;
private static float m_CenterZ = -1.0f;
private static float m_UpX = 0.0f;
private static float m_UpY = 1.0f;
private static float m_UpZ = 0.0f;


switch (keyData)
    case Keys.Up :
        m_EyeZ -= maxSpeed;
        m_CenterZ -= maxSpeed;
    case Keys.Down :
        m_EyeZ += maxSpeed;
        m_CenterZ += maxSpeed;
    case Keys.Left :
        m_EyeX -= maxSpeed;
        m_CenterX -= maxSpeed;
    case Keys.Right :
        m_EyeX += maxSpeed;
        m_CenterX += maxSpeed;


Draw function:
GL.gluLookAt(Camera.EyeX, Camera.EyeY, Camera.EyeZ,
             Camera.CenterX, Camera.CenterY, Camera.CenterZ,
         Camera.UpX, Camera.UpY, Camera.UpZ);

BTW, when I set m_EyeZ = 100.0f, the screen still gets blank, but I can see some zooming. The thing is the bigger m_EyeZ value is, the further camera is from the object, but screen doesn't get blank so fast while zooming out..

Thanks in advance and sorry if it's obvious..Rolleyes
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