Find 3D Direction with 2D Coordinates

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Hi All,

i have this doubt like given two points (x1,y1) & (x2,y2) ,i draw a line,but i want to know to which axis does this line belong to (iam looking @ 3D X-Y-Z)


1. (x1,y1)__________(x2,y2) ,now i can say it is in X-Axis

| now we can say that it is Y-Axis

3.Now how can we find Z-Axis

for better understanding take a look @ the below link
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I'm going to guess that you are (A): trying to relate screen coordinates (suchj as mouse position) to 3D coordinates, and (B): using OpenGL.
If that is true then you should look up the gluUnProject() function. Otherwise, look up that function anyway and see if you can understand what it does, as that may still help you.
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