How to upload scripts for text based game?

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Ok i have all the scripts for my text based game but i need a (free) server to upload them to. And once i get the server how do i do it? Where do i upload them to, i basicly need a anyone help me...i really need this
i want this game to be up and runing..

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I'd suggest you turn on personal web sharing, and test your scripts on your machine first... you can worry about getting a host later.
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sry i am new at do i got about doing that
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ok i used WAMP to text my scripts now im getin an error :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in C:\Program Files\wamp\www\eotm.php on line 40

now i have no idea how to fix this error...plzz can someone help ..or point me on the right direction..

its PHP

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ok, let's start over with some relavent information: did you write these scripts yourself? How much of the scripts did you write? Are you using a pre-made library or script package where you just fill in the blanks instead of actually coding it? If you are using ANY libraries/game engine, etc. please provide a link to them so we have some idea of what's going on. I also recommend this: board for php related stuff, as that is pretty much all that they focus on there Smile
Also: posting any relavent code (such as the page where you are geting the error) would help tremendously. The 'unexpected end' error message usually means that you forgot a } somewhere, although it can also mean a messed up set of (), or a semicolon missing/in the wrong place.
We'll be glad to help, but we need more information Wink

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wyrmmage plz check ur PMs and i added u on MSN ok?
i need to talk to u i have the PHP file that im gettin an error in..if u want i can send it to u and u can take a look for me...\

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