Depth Sorting algorithm

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My game is a 2d sprite based game drawn in the upper right hand quadrant of opengl entirely. The depth sorting algorithm I use works fine but I am concerned over it's efficiency, perhaps some of you could let me know if it's absurdly inneficient or not.

By the way, the reason I keep a 2d array is because I first sort by the y coordinate of the quad / the base tile height(16). And then I get the pixel remainder(quad.y % 16) and use that as an index to the y array element ( depth_list[ROUNDED_DEPTH][REMAINDER_PIXEL_DEPTH].

depth_record_type depth_list[SIZE_X][SIZE_Y];

void add_tiles_to_dl(void)
for (x = visible_tile.x; x < visible_tile.x + NUM_COLUMNS; x++)
for (y = visible_tile.y; y < visible_tile.y + NUM_ROWS; y++)

// add_enemies, add npcs, etc.....

void draw_dl(void)
for (x = 0; x < SIZE_X; x++)
for (y = 0; y < SIZE_Y; y++)


repeated EVERY FRAME.
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When I've needed depth sorting for objects in the past I've done so by keeping two pointers for each object (one to the next closer and one to the next further object) and used them as a list when drawing.

That way, once the initial sort has been done, and assuming object only change depth order occasionally, each object need only be checked once, against the next closer object during the drawing process - which is extremely efficient.

-- Giles Williams
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