Char* to double, int, and back

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It is *not* safe to delete something you've malloc()ed, nor to free() something you've new'd. Don't do it.

Also, remember to delete[] stuff you new[]!
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the stl vector is not that inefficient in reallocation as tries to work around the problem by allocating extra space for the vector.
if that's still too inefficient for you you could go with a list which however brings up issues concerning accessibility, but that pretty much depends on your requirements.
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wait...did I use delete [] wrong in my example code? I thought that code would delete all of the memory new [] 'ed?
Thanks for the advice everyone Smile

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If you didn't use realloc it would be correct. Of course, using realloc with new[] (or even just new, along with using free with either of the news) isn't guaranteed to work.
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