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Hi, I'm new here. I've been programing in BlitzBasic for a while now and I've gotten my friends into it with the cool games I've made. We figure we could make a good MMORPG if we worked together, and I've even come up with an idea on how the game would work, but we don't know if BlitzBasic can do an online game, the book we have that we learnd BlitzBasic doesn't even mention multiplayer, and we've never gone to a fourm to look. So I'm here to ask the experts, about online multiplayer and a few other things.

First, obviously, is can an MMORPG be made in BlitzBasic, if so how?

Second, how does it handle mouse input? This sounds simple we know, but the aforementioned book dosen't even mention it.

Finally, can a chat window be done, if so how?

I'm sure I'll be back with more questions later if these can be answered.
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I think (but I am not 100) that BlitzBasic is for Windows only (BlitzMax is the crossplatform version), and this is a "Macintosh Game Developers Community", so I don't know if we have many people here that know that much about BlitzBasic. I would suggest posting on the official BlitzBasic forums.

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If you need the link for blitzbasic's site, it's:

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I highly recommend that you also read this thread: So you want to make a MMORPG...

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BlitzMax does have networking, so it is doable.

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In fact, I'm doing it right now using a BlitzMAX client and a server written in Python. Let me tell you right now-- it is a LOT of work.

One piece of advice: use the fact that BlitzMAX can interface with C to your advantage for places where speed is key.

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