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I was doing some research for my game proposal for a class I'm taking this fall (I want to create a small adventure game engine) and came across an adventure game maker called Adventure Game Studio. It was used to create really good remakes of the king's quest series, and some more modern looking user-created adventures that I thought were really cool.

You may not have heard of it since the IDE is still unfortunately Windows-only, however I found out recently that the runtime engine has been ported to Mac, so that you can port games written in AGS to the Mac simply by putting the mac runtime application in the same folder as the game resources, so I thought I'd pass the information along for all of you boot-campers, vmwarers and parrallelers.

The link is here:
And you can find the Mac OS X port at the bottom of the download page I believe. I haven't tried the port yet myself so your mileage may vary.

Some quick information about the studio and engine:
Pretty dang flexible. You can make your own in-game user interface, change all the icons and sprites to make your own, and script the heck out of every action you do in the game.

Has 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit modes. 32-bit modes support alpha channel sprites (although it does not blend the sprites at the moment as far as I know. It will consider alpha values as either fully visible or fully transparent).

Has resolution modes anywhere from 320x300 to 800x600.

You can have entire backgrounds animated (performance may vary).

supports multi-characters, a la maniac mansion.

Everything is scriptable, but pretty much everything can be done with the GUI editors.

Mostly meant for classic adventure games, but users have been able to make some fairly modern looking ones too.

Anyway, I thought I'd pass the information along.
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