Using A PEF library.

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I am trying to use a PEF shared library. I think I've gotten it to work but the function I'm using breaks at exe_bad_access. I am using GetDiskFragment and FindSymbol then running it through a CFM to Mach-o function.
This is the function in windows and it's the same in the mac library am I converting it to C right?
BOOL WINAPI SFileOpenArchive(LPCSTR lpFileName, DWORD dwPriority, DWORD dwFlags, HANDLE *hMPQ);

bool SFileOpenArchive(const char* lpFileName, short dwPriority, short dwFlags, void *hMPQ);
After I run openArchive which is the symbol I'm trying to use it breaks at the function openArchive in the debugger:
I think it's the void I'm sending in it has to be a tvector right? How do I do that?
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Presumably, HANDLE * would be equivalent to void ***, not void *.
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Thank you I don't know if this helped but it now exits due to sig11 instead of sig10.
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11 is SIGSEGV, it usually means you did the equivalent of *NULL. 10 is SIGBUS, it usually means you overran a heap-allocated array, freed a pointer you didn't malloc, etc.

I'm pretty sure that a Windows HANDLE is a void*, but you can check in your windows headers. Get windows headers from MinGW if you don't have any Smile
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What is MinGW?

This is how I call it if it helps:
if ( FindSymbol(connID, "\pSFileOpenArchive", (Ptr*) &openArchive, symClass) == noErr )
// OpenArchive CFM to Mach-O
//allocate the holder and fake tvector
        void *testVoid;
        TVector *tvec;
        //testVoid = CFMFunctionPointerForMachOFunctionPointer(testVoid);
        //tvec = (TVector*) malloc( sizeof(TVector) );
        //tvec->fProcPtr = testVoid;
        //tvec->fTOC = 0;
        char *charTest = 'games/map.scm';



EDIT: I found out what's causing it it's the char. Now it's the void. My big problem now is faking a TVector.
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fixed it I had to do:
charTest = "/games/map.scm"
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