testing to see if my apps work on OS X 10.0 -> current

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I just bought a powerbook that is hopefully installed with panther Smile So i can test myself i think =) Not as worried now about < 10.3 because after these posts it sounds like it might be a lot of work for nothing :/
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my powerbook g4 finally got here I bought from ebay and its great except it smells funny

I was beginning to think the guy I bought it from had really bad BO but then I looked online and I'm not 100% sure...



but it stinks Huh maybe he doesnt know what showers are? anybody know how to get rid of the smell?

Really you should try and clean your laptop before you sell it online Blink Blush (if you smell) or is this just a used Mac thing? I've never bought a used computer before...and I'm not sure I like it now because it reminds me of old man's underarm sweat Huh Sad Blink

(admins you should add a :sick: face)
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I smell a new Internet meme in the making... LOL
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