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Skorche Wrote:I wouldn't be so sure about the "QWERTY is meant to slow you down" bit. It seems nobody really knows the truth about that anymore.

The reason behind the design has never been lost to mankind - it it a keyboard layout and not the pyramids we are speaking about Grin

The QWERTY layout was designed to reduce the chances of the hammers in a typewriter from colliding and jamming.
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Woo hoo

mkdir ~/Library/KeyBindings/
cat > ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict
"~\UF702"    = ("insertText:", "\U2190");
"~\UF700"    = ("insertText:", "\U2191");
"~\UF703"    = ("insertText:", "\U2192");
"~\UF701"    = ("insertText:", "\U2193");

Now alt-arrow key puts the arrow key glyph down like this → Grin

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