Find info about installed gfxcards?

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Hi all!

I would like to detect which kind of gfxcard the computer is using.. + some useful info about it like for example how high resolution it can handle, number of colors and vertex shader version. Where can i find this information? I use c++ with carbon and opengl (os x 10.3.9 -> 10.5 + linux).

Any suggestions? Sneaky
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For Mac OS X, a combination of messing around in IOKit (nasty stuff) and CGLQueryRendererInfo/CGLDescribeRenderer will tell you what you need.

For Linux, I have no idea if it's even possible, sorry. glxinfo/xdpyinfo give some information, and their source is available. That'd be an obvious place to start.
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Tnx for the quick answer! Smile

I really hope that i don't have to mess around with IOKit any more.. so i'll wait with this issue for a while just in case someone here knows an easier way (i always start to feel veryvery tired when i think about IOKit.. wierd stuff). Huh
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No need to drop to IOKit for this.

CGDisplayAvailableModes will tell you the resolutions/color depths.
glGetString will tell you card name, shading language version and extensions.
glGetInteger will tell you some more limits like max viewport/texture size.
CGLDescribeRenderer will tell you some additional info like max video ram.

OpenGL Info (souce code at bottom of page.)
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Thank you! Works perfectly! Smile
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