Scons OsX Install Question

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I finally got around to trying sCons as my build tool.

I downloaded the source tarball and ran:
python install

It looks like this sets up scons in
by default.

Of course this is not in my path.

So my simple question is what is the best approach to adding a path, should I:
1) Just add /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/bin to my path.
2) Re-Install scons into a more appropriate bin dir with
python install --prefix=/usr/local (and add to path)
3) Add a symlink from /usr/bin/scons to /System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.3/bin (why didn't the install do this)

Thanks for any advice...
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I'd recommend just installing in /usr e.g.:
sudo python install \--prefix=/usr

This should be enough to put it on your path.
If it's still not, then you should edit ~/.profile and add /usr/bin to your PATH.
This is probably the most standard config.

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I tend not to install it at all, just untar it somewhere, and stick a symbolic link to it somewhere, and set PYTHONPATH up so it works. The install thing never seems to work on Mac OS X.
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To my for Python 2.5 simple "sudo python install" worked like a charm. After reopening terminal window scons script was in the path and was working correctly.
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MacPorts (previously DarwinPorts) has a scons package, installs with no problem. Of course, it also upgrades your python as a side effect, but no big deal.
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It installed fine for me in /usr/local/bin... you just have to set the prefix correctly.

It's not magic, it's Ruby.
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