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Does anyone know a really good cocoa opengl tutorial. Not Nehe because they don't work on newer models, don't work fullscreen, and don't explain the Cocoa part. So does anyone know a good Cocoa OpenGL tutorial that tells you how to go fullscreen, draw(obviously), and have 3d meshes used. Also something that works on the newer Macs and on XCode not Project Builder. Thanks I would really appreciate if somone gave me one because I have been searching all over the internet for one.
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Cocoa OpenGL template for xcode:

for the basics of GL, loading meshes, texturing and so on NeHe is actually a really good resource, also just searching around and looking at examples (GLUT examples in particular) can be very useful for learning.

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I used SDL and OpenGL, rather than programming Cocoa directly. That made the code cross-platform so I could release the game on Windows and Linux too. When you install SDL, it adds an SDL project template to XCode that you can select, and the template is based on Cocoa.

You can download SDL from here:
Main download page:
Mac OS X Runtime:

Here's a good tutorial for using SDL on Mac OS X with XCode (a bit dated, but still mostly good - helped me a lot):

As far as OpenGL drawing goes, any good tutorial will do. OpenGL programming is the same, regardless of which OS you're using. I learned from two good books: "OpenGL Super Bible" by White Group Press, and "OpenGL Game Programming" by LaMothe.
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