Looking for a 2D MMORPG programmer

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ummmm I am sry to bring this up, I don't know much about designing and

programing but I would like to bring up the point that you were originally looking

for a SIMPLE mmorpg now it seems that you were just saying that as an opening

line, you seem to have plans to make this a complex mmo but what I see, and I

am not trying to offend you or make you flame at me or anything, I am just

saying, that you plan on making a 2D mmo, now, 2d mmo's RARELY RARELY make

it big, infact there is a 5% chance that any 2d mmo will be able to bring in 40k

PER programmer and I am pretty sure that you don't have 40k lying around,

for just one programmer let alone 4 or 5. now if you do just ignore this post
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Perhaps close this for no future confusion?

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