Corrupt textures on Radeon 9200

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I have a problem with textures that only appears on my iBook (Radeon 9200, 32 MB VRAM), not on my iMac G5 (Radeon X600XT, 256 MB VRAM):

[Image: textureissue.png]

As you can see, the textures are quite screwed up, and it looks like they took the color from the texture of the helicopter in the back (the one that looks correct). I do not always get this exact result, often parts of other textures end up being used, but the general idea is always the same. Looking at the texture in OpenGL Profiler revealed at one time that it was corrupt there, too, and another time it showed the texture correctly and at the same time fixed the display in my game.

The textures in question are 2048x2048 pixels, which is also the maximum that my Radeon 9200 can handle according to GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE. The textures for the helicopter in the back and the one you can partly see on the left have been resized to 1024 pixels (the circle on the ground is far lower). Could this problem be caused by the size of the textures?
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2048x2048x4 is 16MB, you're going to be coming very close to the limits of VRAM by the time you take into account your back and front buffers, any other textures, VBOs, and the images of all the other windows in the system.
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