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Has anyone looked into Dashcode and how it can be linked to existing software.

For instance our game engine runs independently from Runtime Revolution,
but we wrote an external to access the engine through that IDE.
I'd like to do the same thing with Dashcode, building widgets for specific editor functions,
a front end to launch levels, and such.

From what I see it is also possible to use widgets as elements of standalone software,
so it would seem I could replace runtime revolution entirely as my GUI building IDE.

Is there someplace specific that covers this external stuff for Dashcode?
I've got a lot to read and maybe someone has covered this territory before.

Here's a video on YouTube (that starts loud) for getting started with Dashcode.
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Did you take a look at this?

Useful to learn is the XMLHttpRequest Javascript object which can be used to parse XML data. So if you're app can save XML you can read it in with the widget.

Since Javascript can't write to files, you will need to use a Cocoa plugin for your widget.

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Thanks all that is useful too know, especially the writing to files part since that is the first thing I was thinking of trying.
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